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Our company offers the choice of five different management solutions, which have been designed to meet overall client requirements or cherry-pick from our full portfolio of services.

We view all of our Clients, and indeed their properties, as individuals and whilst much flexibility is built into the proposals, it is preferable to discuss in person which solution best fits your particular needs.

Whatever your contractual level, you have access to our full range of Home services at current prices.

Comfort Service
For this fee we provide our basic house-keeping services: Linen collection, laundering and delivery, and household cleaning subject to our price list.

Bronze Management and Maintenance
The Bronze Management and Maintenance service is ideally suited to those who have a good command of the French language and will usually need us to intervene only on mandatory and/or spontaneous request.

We provide a key holding service and the provision of an emergency 24hr contact number. The service enables your chosen artisans, builders, deliverymen, etc. to collect a key from our office with your prior approval. All key provision will require signatures for security.

You will also have access to carefully selected and recommended artisans and skilled workers in the area which we can find for you if you don't know where to look. (People who we have used for various large-scale jobs and who can be trusted to do quality work). From anything to installing a telephone line, finding an architect, building dry-stone wall, we are sure to be able to find someone for the job.

Silver Management and Maintenance
This service includes all those under Bronze plus we carry out 12 inspection visits (once a month) per year to your property, all of which will be followed up by an inspection report dispatched electronically by e-mail, or post, or fax. The first emergency call-out of our staff is free of charge.

Gold Management and Maintenance
We provide all services under Bronze plus we carry out 24 inspection visits per year (twice per month) followed up by an inspection report dispatched electronically by e-mail, or post, or fax. The first emergency call-out of our staff is free of charge.

Client's guests are able to use our Company as a point of contact during their stay.

Platinum Tailor-Made Management and Maintenance
We are a management and solutions company. It is possible that you have acquired specialist installations that need individual care and attention. For example, a swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, or perhaps a vehicle that requires regular maintenance, house plants requiring green housing, furniture storage...

If you can't see what you need in the above, please ask us and we'll do our best to provide you with a prompt quote.

Inspection visits are carried out at chosen intervals depending on the type of Services agreement you have chosen. On each visit, we undertake the following maintenance and security checks which are recorded and communicated to you according to their date and time:

  1. Verification that the electrical power supply to the property is in working condition.
  2. Verification that the water supply to the chalet is in working condition.
  3. Hot water will be run from all taps until such a time as considered satisfactory.
  4. Cold water will be run from all taps for a short period to prevent air blocks.
  5. All Water-Closets will be flushed to prevent stagnant water.
  6. All Windows will be opened and securely closed.
  7. All Patio doors will be opened and securely closed.
  8. All shutters electric or manual will be opened and securely closed.
  9. Heating will be maintained as operational during winter months, and in summer season, as per owner's request (the possibility of turning heating on for owners prior to visits can be carried out in accordance with the relevant service agreement. Owners requesting modification to heating supply at other times other than during inspection visits may incur an additional charge).
  10. A general exterior 'overview' of the property for evidence of attempted break-in or vandalism.
  11. Other specific checks to be agreed.